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– Plane Relocation.

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Special Aviation Services

Florida Sky Aviation is proud to offer an array of services for seasoned pilots and new aviators, alike. Below is a short list of flight services apart from flying lessons that we can assist you with and an explanation of each of our aviation services.

High Performance and Complex Endorsement

A High-Performance aircraft is defined as one who’s power plant produces 200 or more horse power, while a Complex airplane is one having retractable gears, a variable-pitch/constant-speed propeller, or both. If you’re a private pilot who’s transitioning to a complex or high-performance aircraft, a special endorsement is required which can be received by logging flight time as PIC of a complex or high-performance plane by a properly certified flight instructor. You’ll require a bit of ground school and flight training to go over the fundamental differences these aircraft have over basic general aviation, and Florida Sky Aviation is happy to provide you with the necessary flight training to achieve your next level of piloting.

Insurance Check-ride

Are you a newly certificated Pilot who has purchased an airplane of your own and are now looking to get insurance? Insurance companies require new pilots to be checked out by a Certified Flight Instructor before receiving approval for an insurance policy. Contact our CFI to schedule a check-ride in your new aircraft by calling Florida Sky Aviation at (727) 463-7708.

Night and Day Currency

Prior to taking passengers. A Pilot is required to make three (3) landings within the preceding 90 days, otherwise flying passengers is prohibited. If you complete these at night time, to a full stop, your night currency counts for your day currency as well.

Bi-Annual FLight Review (BFR)

Per the federal aviation regulations. A pilot must receive a bi-annual flight review once every 24 calendar months. This consist of at least one hour ground, followed by one hour in the airplane, demonstrating tasks performed to the airman certification standards.

Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

Once a pilot recieves their instrument rating, they are required to maintain currency by completing within the preceding six (6) calendar months A Instrument pilot must:

    – Six instrument approach patterns
    – Holding procedures
    – Intercepting and tracking VOR needles.

If this is not completed, a Instrument Proficiency Check is required which can normally be completed in one lesson.

Airline Interview Preparation

If you’re thinking about going to the airline level as a career. Prior to the interview you may want to receive additional training to cover the technical portions of the questions you’ll be asked in the interview.

Aircraft Relocation/Ferry

We offer comprehensive aircraft relocation services to help make relocating your aircraft with care and regard for your equipment. You’ll also be able to have a second set of eyes inspect the aircraft and ensure registration requirements.

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