Ground School

In ground school, you learn the theory about how airplanes fly, the weather, and several other aviation-related topics. The goal of ground school is to help you pass the knowledge test. On the other hand, flight school is where you take practical lessons to become proficient in piloting an aircraft. At the end of the flight school, you will be ready to take your practice test with an examiner.

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Ground School

Part 61 Ground School

Florida Sky Aviation Ground School is now offering training at St. Pete/Clearwater International Airport (PIE).

Our unique style of training with one-to-one coaching is designed with convenience and flexibility in mind while ensuring you are well prepared for your exams.

Florida Sky Aviation provides on-site ground school courses located at our home airport St. Pete/Clearwater (PIE) for Private Pilot’s, Instrument Rating Training, and Commercial Rating training. Our hands-on, one-to-one training environment will not only prepare you for the FAA written exams, but also provide the background knowledge you need to go forward with our flight training program. The overall goal of this course is to ultimately prepare you for the FAA practical tests that will earn your next certificate or rating.

What can you expect?

The Private Pilot course is the first course taken by new student pilots. Florida Sky Aviation values the importance of a solid foundation while remaining affordable.

We offer one-on-one flight training in a classroom environment providing all of the necessary ground-school to prepare you for your written, oral and practical flight tests.

Students learn basic aerodynamics and FAA regulations. Furthermore, you learn about aircraft weight balance and aircraft performance. You learn this in the classroom and during flight simulator training. Flight lessons within the PPL course include aircraft maneuvers and procedures required for your solo flight. You’ll also conduct a daytime cross-country flight. As an FAA-rated flight school, our training ensures ACS (Airman Certification Standards) for all students.

Once you complete the Private Pilot course, you’ll have extensive aeronautical experience. As a result, you can apply for your FAA Private Pilot Certificate (PPL). This is the first step to becoming a Professional Pilot.

All Private Pilot training flights are conducted in new Technological Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Furthermore, our aircraft are equipped with WAAS-capable instrument-certified GPS. We are proud to offer pilot training using the tried and tested Piper Archer II. This is one of the safest aircraft ever built.

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