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Florida Sky Aviation is proud to welcome students with an exciting discovery fight around the Tampa Bay Area as they glide into the piloting profession. We offer flight training for beginners and more experience pilots alike, starting with a Discovery flight lesson which introduce new pilots to the treat of flight, and advancing toward private pilot licenses.

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Learn the fundamentals of flying during a 25-minute safety briefing and 45-minute flight that counts toward a pilot’s license.

There’s no greater introduction to the world of aviation than to start with a Discovery Flight. Learn to fly around Tampa Bay with our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

You’ll be placed in the pilot’s seat during your first flying lesson and will gain hands-on flight training during take-off, turns and climbs, while manipulating the flight controls from day one. And YES… this discovery flight counts towards your required flight training time and will be entered into your log book as your first flight as PIC!

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Discovery Flight Counts towards flight hours!

What can you expect from your discovery flight?

A Discovery Flight with Florida Sky can accomplish MANY things. The most important being your introduction to the exhilarating world of general aviation. Or, simply put, the introduction to flying an airplane!

What can you expect to experience during your Discovery Flight? More than you could ever imagine!

First, you’ll follow along as your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) preflights the aircraft before take-off. Then, you’ll climb into the pilot’s seat of a Piper Archer II Aircraft and take the controls in your very hands as you depart the runway and lift off to new heights. You’ll be in control, but don’t worry… you’ll have a highly skilled co-pilot sitting right next to you explaining the basics every step of the way.

Explore the Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg areas as you make gentle banking turns to the right and to the left. Climb and descend to different altitudes and experience a first-person point of view of a flawless landing as your co-pilot lands on the designated runway.

A Look Inside the Cockpit

See what it’s like to climb inside of a Piper Archer II.

Climb into a 1978 Piper Archer II. A single engine plane with room for 4! Feel the engine pull the plane as you head down the runway and take off over Tampa Bay Area! For about 45 mins, you will get to know what it’s like to be a pilot as you climb over the ocean and shorelines and experience the stunning view of Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa Bay Areas. This Discovery flight is the only way to really appreciate the freedom of the skies without being a certified pilot.

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